"I take a tremendous amount of pride in the safety and cleanliness of my kennels because the dogs deserve the very best. I take breeding very seriously and invite you to look inside my kennels and at my dogs and puppies." 


Joel 1

Joel's adult dogs

Joel 2

Newborn puppies

Joel 3

All dogs have indoor/outdoor access

Joel 4

Adult dogs inside kennel

Joel 5

Michelle L. from Puppies 'N Love on 2018 breeder trip

Joel 6

Shih Tzu puppy

Joel 7


Joel 8

Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Joel 7

Whelping kennels with Joel

Joel 10

Joel's kennels

Joel 10

Interier of whelping area

Joel 11

Whelping kennels

Joel 13

Inside Joel's kennels

Joel 14

Interior of kennels

Joel 15

Kennel exterior

Joel 16

Indoor/outdoor kennels