Judy & Dave

“My dogs are all individuals with names and personalities, the same with each puppy born here. I have raised and cared for these dogs most of their lives, and they are part of me and my family.”

Judy & Dave
CPI Breeders

Judy & Dave 1

Newfoundland puppies at Judy and Dave's kennel

Judy & Dave 2

A view of the whelping center with outdoor access for the mothers

Judy & Dave 3

Puppies 'N Love and Animal Kingdom owner Frank Mineo Jr., Animal Care Director Michelle L. and Judy during 2016 site inspection

Judy & Dave 4

One of Judy and Dave's spacious kennels

Judy & Dave 5

Newfie puppy in outdoor kennel

Judy & Dave 6

Kennel owner, Judy, cuddles one of her Newfoundland puppies 

Judy and Dave 2

Newfie puppies

Judy and Dave 5

Dave and Jud's dogs have very large outdoor runs

Judy and Dave 1

The family Corgi

Judy & Dave 4

A black Newfie puppy 

Judy & Dave 3

Animal Kingdom and Puppies 'N Love owner Frank Mineo Jr. with a Newfie puppy