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  • Sheesha

    We had planned to get a puppy at some point, and had looked at several. One date night, we decided to walk off dinner at the mall and went to look at the puppies. There was one Pomeranian puppy that seemed to be watching me walk by and as I proceeded away from her she laid her head down. My fiance continued watching her as I proceeded to look at other puppies. He was humored by the fact that whenever I got in her eye sight, she would light up. He told me that she was watching me and so we decided to meet with her. It was love at first sight! She had been on hold by another couple and the Pet Specialist informed us that she just laid there when they tried to play with her and she was shocked that she was licking me and playing with me. I knew that we could not go home without her. We took her home that night and she and I have been pretty inseparable since. Kristi was absolutely amazing. She answered all our questions, shared with us her experiences, and helped us pick out everything we needed for our new fur baby. A few months after getting her home I was diagnosed with Cancer and she has been by my side the entire time. She is my everything, and I wouldn't have gotten through such a trying time in my life without her.


  • Cutest Puppy In History

    My husband and I have a Beagle (Miley), a Dachshund (Stitch), and a Beagle/Dachshund (Lucy), and were looking for another dog of a breed with which we were familiar. We drove all over town and spent about eight hours in the car before we found our new baby, Wendy. We tried a pet fair, but they didn't have any small breeds. We went to three different shelters and mostly found older dogs. We love dogs of all ages, of course, but we really had our hearts set on a puppy so that she would grow up around us and be comfortable in our home with our other dogs. We spoke with a few people who had posted ads on Craigslist who had already sold their puppies, and we went to one house to meet Chiweenie puppies who had ticks. After driving from Glendale to downtown Phoenix we decided to drive up to the Puppies 'n Love at Arrowhead to see if they had a Beagle or Dachshund. They did not, but the staff there was extremely helpful and searched in the database for puppies in other stores. We decided to buy from Puppies 'n Love because we knew that we would be getting a healthy dog from a company that would continue to take care of her (and us) in the future. We very much appreciate the additional services that Puppies 'n Love provides, as well as the responsible and caring staff. We drove all the way to the San Tan store and there she was, the CUTEST puppy in the history of the world. We just fell in love with her. She is the tiniest Dachshund we have ever seen - about the size of my foot - with eyes that just broke our hearts. The lovely woman who sold Wendy to us was very knowledgeable and helped us fill out our finance application. I could tell she was almost as happy as we were that this sweet puppy was going to a new home. Since getting Wendy home, we couldn't be happier. Our oldest dog, Stitch, is teaching her the rules of the house including 1. Don't bite Stitch and 2. If you bite Stitch, she will sit on you. Miley and Lucy, both outweighing her by at least 20 lbs, were afraid of her for the first few days and are starting to warm up to her. They will chase her across the yard or the living room, but when she turns around to chase them back they jump on the furniture to get away from her. It's adorable. We know that by next week, they'll all be the best of friends.


  • Royal

    Thank you Puppies n Love for our beautiful Mini Dachshund named Royal. He is a great new addition to our family! :)


  • Thank You

    My experience with Puppies N' Love (Arrowhead Towne Center) was amazing. A few years ago, I was window shopping with my mom when she saw and fell in love with an adorable, black & white Shih Tzu puppy. I decided to go back just a few days later and told the salesperson that I was very interested in purchasing the puppy as a surprise gift for my mom. Unfortunately, the puppy we had seen had already been sold. I was so disappointed. I shared with the associate that my Mom had recently been diagnosed with cancer and how much I thought the puppy would lift her spirits. I was pretty bummed. Within a few days, I received a call from the same associate informing me that another puppy, very similar to the one we had seen, had become available. I raced over and was able to get "Lily" home to my mom on Mother's Day. Lily is 6 years old now and has been the greatest gift I have ever given Mom. She is loyal, intelligent, and filled with unconditional love for mom. They are inseparable. The customer service that I received at this location was so amazing that I returned just one year later to purchase a Malkie, "Biggy", who has done nothing but fill my home with joy. Visiting this location always results in smiles and a warm heart.

    Leslie C

  • Scooter

    We live in California and in July 2008 my family came to Arizona for our sons' tennis tournament, and my daughter and I decided to come by the mall to window shop. We just happened to come across your store and saw this very cute Yorkie who was so irresistible. My daughter immediately fell in love with him. This little guy, whom my daughter named "Scooter", has brought us so much joy and laughter. Scooter just had his 7th birthday on March 3rd. Although I don't remember the name of the salesperson that helped us, he was wonderful in helping us in answering our questions and helping us getting the necessary items needed. We had a very pleasant shopping experience at your store in Scottsdale.


  • Snickers

    I was recently divorced after 25 years. I was very sad and couldn't believe my life had taken such a turn. When I was 17 I was living on my own and bought a Cockapoo from a pet store. His name was "Toby" and although I only had him for a year (due to terrible neighbors) he really brought me much happiness. A few months after my divorce, I really wanted a little dog I could sleep with and take anywhere. Thinking of Toby, I knew I wanted another Cockapoo. One weekend I walked into Puppies n Love looking specifically for a female Cockapoo. I looked on line for them and saw that they had a male puppy at the store in Gilbert, AZ in San Tan. He was a boy but thought I'd check him out any way. Walking through the store I saw him, and he had been discounted quite a bit because he'd been there a while. I took one look and thought, "No way, that dog is an ugly, scrawny thing." The customer service rep called around and found a couple other pups at different stores so I left to go check them out. To be honest, I can't recall why I ended up not buying one and decided I'd go back and look at the one at San Tan again. Well, he was as ugly as he was the first time I saw him but thought I'd check him out in one of those little meet and greet rooms and oh my god! He was the sweetest little guy; his little bobbed tail just went 90 miles an hour. He just made me smile and laugh! I know people frown on buying dogs from pet stores, and I've had many dogs in my life, but have only purchased two Cockapoos at pet stores and they are wonderful dogs. "Snickers", as I called him, is the love of my life! We look forward to seeing each other every day when I come home for work. He's a fantastic hiking dog and we have done some long, hard hikes. I love him dearly, and everyone that sees him falls in love; everyone wants him. He is no longer ugly, but the cutest looking, sweetest little guy anyone could have. Thanks for being there when I needed you Puppies n Love. You and this little guy saved my life. We've been together going on 5 years and this was the best decision I've ever made!


  • Corgis

    I tried going through a breeder at first, but no luck sadly. My husband was about to be deployed, and he wanted to get me a puppy before he left. As we were shopping at the mall PV mall we stumbled across a Corgi; exactly the breed I wanted. We brought him home. Two years later, my husband came back from deployment and decided we needed to add another Corgi to our family. Instead of going through a breeder, we went straight to PV mall again and brought home another baby Corgi. The main reason the baby Corgi caught my attention so much was because she looked identical to my other Corgi. I came to find out they are from the same parents; same mother and father. I got Benji 2 years ago and Clementine a month ago. The first puppy I brought from you guys Karla helped me, and she was wonderful. She still keeps in contact with me from time to time. As for my second puppy, I called ahead before driving out to PV mall since I live all the way in Tucson. I can't remember the guy's name, but he mentioned he was the manager at Tucson before he started working at PV mall. He was also wonderful on the phone and in the store. The main thing I liked about him was that he also he sent me pictures of the Corgi which was a huge plus for me. Both Karla and the other guy were extremely knowledgeable. Karla used to own a Corgi too, therefore she had tons of tips for me.


  • Rascal

    I purchased my first puppy, after not having a dog in 23 years, from Puppies n Love at Arrowhead. I purchased a Miniature Australian Shepherd (Male). I wasn't interested at first as I wanted a dog weighing less than 50 lbs. It was shared with me at the time that the miniature Australian Shepherd male would be less than 40 lbs. I was delighted as I truly wanted an Australian Shepherd, but not a 50 lb. dog. I had a wonderful shopping experience and have visited the store several times since my purchase in October of 2010, along with Rascal, the puppy purchased at the time. I felt that the individual selling me the puppy was well informed about the breed. I named my puppy "Rascal" because he has received his "Canine Good Citizenship" (CGC) certificate, as well as his Therapy Dog certification. We both volunteer on a regular schedule at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Goodyear, AZ. We belong to "Therapy Paws". Therapy is there website. You can visit it and see pictures of Rascal and myself. He brings such delight to the patients and employees during his visits. When he is not working he brings me so much joy and love into my life. He is now 4 years old. He also won "Cutest Pet" from Petz Place in 2013 during an Easter Contest. I can't say enough about the purchase I made and have had nothing but joy in my life since the purchase.


  • Love At First Sight

    I fell in love with our puppies at 1st sight and the customer service was excellent. I have two separate purchases, separated by about 8 months. The 1st puppy, Belle, is a Golden doodle. The 2nd puppy, Evie, is a Jatese. Even now, years later, we stop into Animal Kingdom at Tucson Mall when shopping for other items at the mall because the animals and employees never fail to make us feel happy. During the 1st purchase, I was more involved with the pet specialist who took the time to explain the process-including initial Key Bank financing-and recommend the benefits of crate training as being a safe haven for the new family member. In the 2nd purchase, I don't recall the specialist being nearly as thorough, only bringing us to a room within which we could visit with the puppy and see how she might fit in with our family. But I didn't find the specialist to be disagreeable. It probably is an instance where the 1st one was just really superlative or that our 1st time was so memorable.


  • Louie

    I bought my dog at Superstition Springs Mall. I had been looking for a dog for over 6 months and my mom told me she had seen the cutest puppy with blue eyes. When I went home to Arizona to visit for my birthday, we stopped by Superstition Animal Kingdom and I fell in love. Louie, my toy Aussie, has been a part of my family for almost 5 years now! I am so happy to have him in my life and so glad that Animal Kingdom has been such a big part of our journey. Thanks for everything.


  • Scoby

    When we bought our Scoby from your Paradise valley location last year the Friday before Mother's Day, the lady who worked with us was very patient and very kind. Scoby is a wonderful addition to the family. He is in training to be a therapy dog, he is very sweet and such a good boy.


  • Meet Gunnar!

    After losing our precious Shih Tzu of nearly 16 years we weren't sure we were going to get another dog. Then by chance we were at the Paradise Valley Mall one weekend and my husband convinced me to just "look" at the puppies. As I started walking down the line looking in the windows of puppies I got stuck at this little guy's window. I felt an immediate connection to the little one. He was playing with me from the other side of this glass between us! While I was smiling and laughing at this little one my husband found a store attendant named Mark. Next thing I know my husband is pulling me into a private room to hold this precious little guy. When Mark handed him to me and I was in love. While I was receiving kisses and smelling his puppy breath Mark began giving us the history on his breeder, the store, how adoption worked, health history, what was included in his purchase, and much more. We had a long line of questions and some reserve about adopting from a pet store; as many others, we had heard stories. Mark was understanding and answered our long line of questions with much patience! We then explained to him we had only lost our dog 6 months ago and I wasn't sure I was ready to adopt again. That night when we got home I couldn't stop thinking of this little guy. I told my husband I believed he did indeed belong with us. We immediately called Puppies N Love and asked for Mark. We asked if he was still available and he said yes, however, there was someone else that was considering adopting him. Ugg. "Okay", I said to my husband, "if it's meant to be it will be" and we then pulled up the website and found a picture of this little guy. I told my husband to pick a name for him. Ten minutes later we agreed on a name: Gunnar! It seemed to fit him perfectly! The next morning we rushed to the pet store at opening. Mark saw us and smiled. "You're back", he said. "Yes, is he still here?" we asked. He was! We took Gunnar home that day. He explored his new home and we started easing him into his new "bedroom" (kennel). He played with his new toys and checked out the backyard. The next day we took him to our veterinarian where he got a clean bill of health. We have been blessed with our newest family member. Gunnar is now 5 1/2 months old. He is full of personality, potty trained, learning tricks, full of love, and is happy and adorable! I have shared some pictures of the first day we took Gunnar home, his first Christmas (notice his tongue sticking out at posing for another picture), and his first haircut. Thank you Mark! We have had a great experience with Puppies N Love and you!