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  • Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center

    The Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center, Inc. wishes to acknowledge and thank you for your generous donation of 4 dog leashes, 4 collars, 4 bags of premium dog food, a Wheaten Tenier puppy, German Shepherd puppy, Labradoodle puppy, and Labrador Retriever puppy that you donated to AAEC. Our students and faculty are excited to have these puppies added to our Service Dog Training Program. Your generosity will aid AAEC to continue educational opportunities for the school programs.

    Suzanne D

  • Great Dog

    My family and I got a Pomeranian puppy from the Arizona Mills location, and she was the most amazing puppy. She was great and such a sweet heart. She's almost 2 years old now and has been going strong. Thank you for such an amazing dog! (She's the one to your left.)

    Bautista family

  • Love My Dane

    I have always been an athlete. After recovering from back surgery, my doctor recommended I get a pet to help me get back on track. I had had a Great Dane before and knew this would be the perfect pet for me. I visited Animal Kingdom Tucson Mall where they helped me find 'Lincoln' and now I can't imagine my walks or life without him. Not only is he sweet, loyal and gentle but his brilliance far surpasses any dog I have ever previously owned. He was truly heaven sent! Thank you Animal Kingdom. I am personally very impressed with the care and attention I received from your knowledgeable and courteous staff. Your customer service far exceeded my expectations.


  • Scoby

    When we bought our Scoby from your Paradise valley location last year the Friday before Mother's Day, the lady who worked with us was very patient and very kind. Scoby is a wonderful addition to the family. He is in training to be a therapy dog, he is very sweet and such a good boy.


  • Black Lab Bliss

    I have been visiting Animal Kingdom for well over a decade. First because of the obvious appeal, puppies. But now for so much more. I purchased my black lab in October 2012. I fell in love with this creature the moment we met. I was hesitant to spend such a large amount of money on "a dog from the pet store" when I could have "just looked in the classifieds for a lab breeder" as many said. But I was able to immediately see his vet records, proof of vaccinations and vet visits, see his breeder's information & where he came from. Lucky enough to see photos of his parents too! My favorite part of this is, I was able to contact his breeder before I made the decision to take him home and ask her about his temperament as a puppy, his parents' temperament & so on. You could tell her whole life is dedicated to this job. And everyone able to experience my lab as a puppy knew he was raised by hand and with care! To this day I am still in contact with her. I send her pictures of my grown-up boy & she sends me pictures of his aging Dad. I've asked her to let me know when another puppy comes through from his bloodline and she has! I will eventually get a girl from his bloodline! I'm happy to have spent the money on a companion knowing he didn't come from the average backyard breeder or a puppy mill. Four years later, I have the best Black Lab & nothing but good things to say about Animal Kingdom.

    Brook M.

  • Fun With Frenchies

    We purchased a male French Bulldog "John Brown" from Puppies 'N Love (Arrowhead) in December 2015 and absolutely had no issues or problems with our puppy or customer service. Christal was so helpful and walked us through the whole process of getting our little guy. Well a few months later we went back to look at puppies and we purchased another male French Bulldog puppy from Christal at and Puppies 'N Love and she made our puppy experience very easy and our new family member "Fitz" to his forever home.

    Ernie M.

  • How Far Would You Go To Adopt a Dog?

    My daughter and I first spotted this Rottweiler online and contacted Trendy Pet & Rescue in Scottsdale. We learned he was part of their Homes For Life program and had been surrendered by his owner who purchased him at one of their stores. Angela at Trendy Pet & Rescue answered all of my questions regarding the dog’s health and temperament, sent lots of pictures and the application and then set-up a meeting. We hopped on a late night flight from Colorado Springs and then fell in love with our Sergeant who is our newest little family member. The store was great because we couldn't fly home with everything we needed so we drove back to Colorado in a rental car with our puppy and our supplies. Trendy Pet & Rescue did an awesome job of making us feel welcome and streamlining the process. More importantly we have a very sweet, healthy and well socialized new puppy to love! Thank you so much!

    Jane A.

  • Thank You

    I have purchased 4 dogs from Puppies N Love and Animal Kingdom over the years and am so glad I did. I love my dogs too much! They are all happy, healthy dogs. I have purchased 2 Brussels Griffons and 2 Yorkshire terriers. The first was Josee; a Brussels, and Iris; who also is a Brussels from the same breeder. I spoke to the breeder when I was purchasing Josee and she was great. She took the time to talk to me and tell me about each of the parents. My experience has left me proud to say I purchased my dogs from a pet store.

    Michelle and the fur babies

  • Love our Cocker Spaniel

    When I saw our puppy for the 1st time, I fell in love..but my girlfriend was upset because she wasn't with me and thought I wanted a female. When we picked him up, she fell in love immediately and instantly named him Snickers, because of his chocolate, white and caramel markings. The people at the Animal Kingdom store were very helpful, sincere and honest with every aspect of the adoption process. Snickers is very healthy...and even though I haven't owned a puppy for many years, Snickers is teaching me everything I need to know.


  • Meet Gunnar!

    After losing our precious Shih Tzu of nearly 16 years we weren't sure we were going to get another dog. Then by chance we were at the Paradise Valley Mall one weekend and my husband convinced me to just "look" at the puppies. As I started walking down the line looking in the windows of puppies I got stuck at this little guy's window. I felt an immediate connection to the little one. He was playing with me from the other side of this glass between us! While I was smiling and laughing at this little one my husband found a store attendant named Mark. Next thing I know my husband is pulling me into a private room to hold this precious little guy. When Mark handed him to me and I was in love. While I was receiving kisses and smelling his puppy breath Mark began giving us the history on his breeder, the store, how adoption worked, health history, what was included in his purchase, and much more. We had a long line of questions and some reserve about adopting from a pet store; as many others, we had heard stories. Mark was understanding and answered our long line of questions with much patience! We then explained to him we had only lost our dog 6 months ago and I wasn't sure I was ready to adopt again. That night when we got home I couldn't stop thinking of this little guy. I told my husband I believed he did indeed belong with us. We immediately called Puppies N Love and asked for Mark. We asked if he was still available and he said yes, however, there was someone else that was considering adopting him. Ugg. "Okay", I said to my husband, "if it's meant to be it will be" and we then pulled up the website and found a picture of this little guy. I told my husband to pick a name for him. Ten minutes later we agreed on a name: Gunnar! It seemed to fit him perfectly! The next morning we rushed to the pet store at opening. Mark saw us and smiled. "You're back", he said. "Yes, is he still here?" we asked. He was! We took Gunnar home that day. He explored his new home and we started easing him into his new "bedroom" (kennel). He played with his new toys and checked out the backyard. The next day we took him to our veterinarian where he got a clean bill of health. We have been blessed with our newest family member. Gunnar is now 5 1/2 months old. He is full of personality, potty trained, learning tricks, full of love, and is happy and adorable! I have shared some pictures of the first day we took Gunnar home, his first Christmas (notice his tongue sticking out at posing for another picture), and his first haircut. Thank you Mark! We have had a great experience with Puppies N Love and you!


  • Louie

    I bought my dog at Superstition Springs Mall. I had been looking for a dog for over 6 months and my mom told me she had seen the cutest puppy with blue eyes. When I went home to Arizona to visit for my birthday, we stopped by Superstition Animal Kingdom and I fell in love. Louie, my toy Aussie, has been a part of my family for almost 5 years now! I am so happy to have him in my life and so glad that Animal Kingdom has been such a big part of our journey. Thanks for everything.


  • Love At First Sight

    I fell in love with our puppies at 1st sight and the customer service was excellent. I have two separate purchases, separated by about 8 months. The 1st puppy, Belle, is a Golden doodle. The 2nd puppy, Evie, is a Jatese. Even now, years later, we stop into Animal Kingdom at Tucson Mall when shopping for other items at the mall because the animals and employees never fail to make us feel happy. During the 1st purchase, I was more involved with the pet specialist who took the time to explain the process-including initial Key Bank financing-and recommend the benefits of crate training as being a safe haven for the new family member. In the 2nd purchase, I don't recall the specialist being nearly as thorough, only bringing us to a room within which we could visit with the puppy and see how she might fit in with our family. But I didn't find the specialist to be disagreeable. It probably is an instance where the 1st one was just really superlative or that our 1st time was so memorable.