"I am the President of Arkansas Against Animal Cruelty, and a Board Member of Arkansas Federation of Animal Owners.

We have been raising great puppies for over 12 years and have rescued over 1,000 dogs to no-kill shelters to date.

I am at home on a full-time basis and do what I love from home; raising, caring for, and playing with dogs. It's one of life's greatest pleasures that we get to do what we enjoy every day."

CPI Breeder

Mark 1

Mark and his Great Dane 

Mark 2

Mark's dogs run around and play in this spacious yard

Mark 3

Outdoor yards have huge dog houses for shelter

Mark 4

Mark at home with his Mastiff

Mark 5

Small lake on Mark's property

Mark 6

Puppies 'N Love employee with puppy during 2016 breeder trip

Mark 7

Newfie puppy 

Mark 8

Mark makes sure his adult dogs get lots of exercise

Mark 9

Spacious outdoor kennels

Mark 10

Puppies 'N Love & Animal Kingdom Animal Health Director Michelle L. cuddles a French Bulldog puppy 

Mark 11

Puppies 'N Love & Animal Kingdom team with Mark and his family during 2016 breeder trip

Mark 12

Adorable little puppy looks into camera

Mark 13

Whelping room for Moms and their puppies

Mark 14

Female Frenchie in whelping kennel

Mark 15

Puppies in whelping kennel

Mark at home with one of relaxing with a Dachsunds

Mark at home with one of his relaxed breeding Dachsunds