Miniature Shar Pei

Available Pets

Weight: 25–40 pounds

Height: 14–17 inches


The Miniature Shar Pei is a breed of dog that is in smaller porportion to the Standard Shar Pei. They have been bred to be a smaller size due to a recessive gene. The appearance and shape of the Miniature Shar Pei is broad and square which is in proportion to the height and body length. Their look is the same as the standard Shar Pei: large head, wide padded muzzle, high set ears, and wrinkled head, neck and shoulders. They have three types of coat: "horse coat" which is 1/4 in lewngth, "brush coat" which is less than 1 inch in length and "bear coat" which is over 1 inch in length and very smooth. Shedding is very minimal in all three coats. Color of the coat can vary of white, fawn. cream, chocolate, apricot, red, lilac, blue or black solid. Sable or dilute are two variations.


The Miniature Shar Pei is affectionate, playful, confident, calm, independent, regal and alert. They are very clean and quiet. This breed makes a very good companion, but can have an independent temperament.

Exercise/Energy Level

Daily walks are needed to give the breed some exercise. During high temps outdoors, walks should be shortened due to the sensitivity to the heat.

Health Awareness

A healthy dog's excessive wrinkles can cover the dog's eyes which in turn puts pressure on the eyelids causing them to rub on the cornea. This is known as entropion which can be corrected through taking the wrinkles away from the eyes. This gives time for the puppy to grow into its skin. Swollen hock syndrome is sometime seen in the breed. If not treated properly is can be result in kidney failure.

Clubs, Registries & Associations

Miniature Shar-Pei Club of America