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Love At First Sight

I fell in love with our puppies at 1st sight and the customer service was excellent. I have two separate purchases, separated by about 8 months. The 1st puppy, Belle, is a Golden doodle. The 2nd puppy, Evie, is a Jatese. Even now, years later, we stop into Animal Kingdom at Tucson Mall when shopping for other items at the mall because the animals and employees never fail to make us feel happy. During the 1st purchase, I was more involved with the pet specialist who took the time to explain the process-including initial Key Bank financing-and recommend the benefits of crate training as being a safe haven for the new family member. In the 2nd purchase, I don’t recall the specialist being nearly as thorough, only bringing us to a room within which we could visit with the puppy and see how she might fit in with our family. But I didn’t find the specialist to be disagreeable. It probably is an instance where the 1st one was just really superlative or that our 1st time was so memorable.


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