Homes For Life

We are passionate about preventing pet homelessness and ensuring our puppies never get surrendered, for any reason, to an animal shelter. We -in no way- want to contribute to the pet overpopulation. Our goal is to make sure our puppies go home for life so our puppy specialists spend as much time as needed during the purchase process to ensure every puppy goes to the right home.

We know our customers have every intention of properly caring for their new puppy, but circumstances arise when puppies/dogs need new homes, so we created Homes for Life, a rehoming program for our dogs. We mandate (at time of sale) that new puppy owners sign a form stating that if, for any reason at any time, they cannot keep the dog they bring it back to us so we can find the pet a new home. We do this at no cost to our customers because we take a lifetime responsibility for our puppies and we are committed forever to their well-being.

Mission Statement

Our puppies come first. We promote the highest standards in animal welfare by:

  • Committing ourselves 100 percent to the health, safety and welfare of our puppies
  • Scrutinizing our breeders and only buying puppies from the best
  • Working closely with customers to match them with breeds that best fit their lifestyle
  • Promoting responsible pet ownership through Homes for Life, education and community outreach


Homes for Life