Special Puppies at Special Prices

These special puppies are reduced in price because they have been in our stores the longest. The photos were taken at the time the puppies arrived so the puppies are a bit older now. Each puppy's birthday is listed in its description. Please call the individual stores to inquire about special pricing: phone numbers are listed in the descriptions. 

There are some tremendous benefits to owning an older puppy. They are just as loving and adorable as younger ones but have a little more life experience which makes them easy to adapt to their new homes.

The puppies have had a majority of their vaccinations which is a benefit to both puppy and owner and they've received tons of socialization with people, including children, and other puppies.

By no means are we lowering the cost of these puppies because they are in any way less valuable but it's our mission to find each of our puppies a home as quickly as possible.

This page is updated weekly so there is no guarantee the puppies are still available. It's a good idea to call the store about a particular puppy for the fastest response.

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Note: Click on "Available Pets" and locate the specific puppy of your interest to obtain its breeder information. If you do not see the puppy listed under "Available Pets" the puppy has sold.

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