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About Us

My family has a very long history of owning and operating successful pet stores across the country. I along with my family own and operate a total of five Puppies ‘N Love and Animal Kingdom pet stores in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Gilbert and Tucson.

Our Family & History

We are avid animal lovers, as was my father who started the business in 1966 in Buffalo, New York then moved it to Arizona in 1978. The company is truly family-owned and operated — my son and my sister Vicki’s three sons and daughter work at the stores and our mother is still active in the company. We operate one of the most well-respected and successful pet store chains in the country. After all, our family’s name and reputation are at stake.

Puppies Come First

We manage the business with an ‘our puppies come first’ philosophy, so no decision is made without first considering what is in the best interest of our puppies. We do right by them first and foremost and everyone who works for us has the same belief.

Pet Industry Endorsement

“I’m a lifelong animal welfare advocate and former president of the ASPCA and I’ve watched the Mineo family create a pet store chain that operates with the highest level of integrity in this industry,” says Edwin Sayres, senior advisor to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. Read how we support ethical and responsible pet stores.

Doing What is Best for our Puppies

“We strongly believe that if we do what is best for our puppies then we’ll have happy customers and that is our goal, that is what’s best for business. We have introduced the value and benefits of the human-animal bond to thousands of dog lovers through the work we do at our stores,” says Vicki Mineo.

Bringing Joy to Families

“Few things in life bring as much joy to individuals, families and other pets, like puppies. Our stores feature the cutest, sweetest and most sought-after puppies because we seek and find them from reliable, professional and well-trusted breeders throughout the country,” she says.

We specialize in selling quality, healthy, socialized, happy and adaptable purebred and hybrid puppies from our Puppies ‘N Love and Animal Kingdom stores. Our puppies come from ethical, well-respected, reputable and compassionate breeders.


Frank Mineo Jr.

Mom and a daughter holding puppies in a pet store.

A mom kissing a puppy.

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