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Our Breeders

We take the health and welfare of our puppies very seriously and for that reason, we take our breeders and the relationships we have with them the very same way. Our goal is to provide happy, healthy lifelong pets to the individuals and families who shop our stores and our breeders are chosen with this in mind.

On-Site Inspections

We investigate all of our breeders whether they are hobby or professional. We scrutinize all of our breeders’ U.S.D.A. inspection records and investigate them prior to conducting business. Additionally, we make routine on-site visits every year to meet with several breeders to inspect their kennels, dogs, and strengthen our relationships.

Arizona law prevents us from accepting dogs from a breeder with U.S.D.A. direct violations within the past two years (those that can adversely affect the health and/or welfare of any dog or are likely to adversely affect the health and/or welfare of a dog in the future). Even indirect violations (generally considered to be minor) are scrutinized if there is any potential to adversely affect the health and/or welfare of an animal.

We also post on each puppy’s kennel in each of our stores (as mandated by Arizona law SB 1248) the first/last name of the breeder, the state in which they breed their dogs, the U.S.D.A. license number to each breeder and the U.S.D.A. Web site where the public can search their records.

Interested in knowing more about our breeders, please see: Our Breeder Photo and Video Gallery

Our screening process includes:
  • Confirmation of vaccination records and worming/parasite prevention before purchase
  • Confirmation of breeder guarantee as to parents, health, and genetics
  • Review of Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) testing on sire/dam for cardiac, eyes, patella, hips, etc.
  • Review photos of puppies and when necessary parents
  • Confirm and verify registration status with the AKC, APRI, ACA, etc.
  • Review veterinary comments before purchase
  • Communication with breeders regarding health, size, weight, etc. of puppies before purchase
  • Confirm travel arrangements through one of our authorized and approved pet transportation systems
  • Ongoing on-site inspections at breeder facilities across the U.S. (Conducted by Puppies ‘N Love and Animal Kingdom CEO and owner Frank Mineo)
  • Vet exam and evaluation of each puppy upon arrival at our facility
  • Genealogy review (when applicable) to ensure no in-breeding
  • Ongoing genetic screening

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Breeder Photo and Video Gallery

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