“It takes love, passion, education, and knowledge to be a successful breeder. We attend educational seminars every year on animal health. We love learning and want to be up to date on health, care, and regulations.”

CPI Breeder

Outdoor fun yard

Dogs get to enjoy the great outdoors

Mom and her pups relax outside

Mom and pups relax outside

Adult Corgi dog

Pam breeds show dogs

Mommy with her puppies playing outside

King Charles Spaniel puppies

Outdoor kennels

Outdoor kennels on 2018 breeder trip

Adult dog with puppies

Cocker Spaniel mom with puppies

Kids play with Pam's dogs and puppies

Grandkids hand feeding puppy

Grandkids bottle feeding puppy

Pam with one of her adult dogs

Love and affection

Dogs playing outside

Outdoor play yard for dogs

Pam and Bob playing outdoor with dogs

Pam and Bob playing outside with dogs

Poodle Running Near Pam's Pond

Poodle running near Pam's pond

Outdoor Play Yard

Outdoor play yard

More outdoor play space for adult dogs

Outdoor dog runs

Outdoor Kennels

Outdoor Kennels

Adult dogs

Mom and puppy outside