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7 Behaviors to Observe in Your New Dog

Guest Blog: Derek Edison Content Writer and Blogger Getting to know your new puppy and its language/behaviors Are you planning to buy a dog, or have you already bought one? If you have, then there are many things you must know about their behaviors, ranging from their food habits to their hygiene and care. Animals, just like humans, have their language through which they convey their feelings and emotions. You might see your dog doing […]

How to Photograph Puppies: The Art and Science of Finding That Perfect Puppy Pose

Adding a puppy to your family is one of the greatest joys in life – one that we just love to share with the world! Nowadays, if you have pets, chances are their cute faces are all over your social media. Capturing that adorable puppy pose can be challenging. Most puppies (and many full-grown dogs) have a lot of energy and can be difficult to photograph. This blog will offer guidance on how to photograph […]

Stuck Home With Your Pets? Here Are Fun Games To Pass The Quarantime

These are some great games to keep you and your pets engaged and entertained during this time of the Coronavirus! Are you quarantined or just staying home these days? Lockdowns across the county are making many folks feel a bit stir crazy. And here is the truth: your pets are probably feeling that stress too, especially if they are used to long walks, dog parks, and other games. Your puppy or dog is probably showing […]

Rattlesnake Training for Dogs

Rattlesnake Training for Dogs Training Your Dog to Avoid Rattlesnakes Rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs started back in the days of Search and Rescue dogs needing avoidance training for when they were doing searches in the desert. Many dogs would be bitten by rattlesnakes while on a scent trail causing thousands of dollars in trauma and medical bills. Of course, a solution needed to be found quickly and it needed to be effective for these […]

Needy or Clingy Dog Breeds

Top 10 Needy or Clingy Dog Breeds Does your dog sit and watch you in the shower? Does he follow you to the bathroom? If you own a needy pet, you know the drill. Your pooch practically trips you when he walks underneath your feet. But what makes a clingy dog? Read on to learn more about the top 10 needy or clingy dog breeds. A dog’s companionship is one of life’s greatest experiences, but […]

Why Poochon Is an Excellent Small Companion Dog

Guest blog by author Vincent Hill If you are looking forward to having a cute little pet, then perhaps a Poochon is the right dog for you. In comparison to other dog breeds, the Poochon is a newer breed. It came to existence in the late 90s. Since then, they have succeeded in winning the hearts of lots of dog lovers. It is a designer breed that is small, friendly, lovable, and low shedding! They […]

How to Create a Dog Friendly Backyard

About the author: A former veterinarian’s assistant, Jasmine Patel has parlayed a love of animals into a career of advocating for and writing about her furry friends. See Spot Run. See him jump. See Spot whine because he’s cooped up inside all day while his parents are at work. Dogs need space to run and play outdoors for mental and physical stimulation. You wouldn’t think twice about putting up a playground for your children, so […]

The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2019

The Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2019 With 2020 around the corner, it’s time to look back on the year. Dogs have been a huge part of our lives. But which dog breeds were the most popular of 2019? Let’s look back at how the US and Arizona ranked dog breeds. Be sure to read through the whole article to get to the Comparison Chart! Top 10 Dog Breeds in the Nation There are many […]

How to Maintain a Pet-Friendly House and Keep it Odor-Free

Author Bio: Matt Clayton is a writer for PetHairPatrol where they offer tips and tricks to get rid of pet hair, pet odors, and keep your house fresh and clean. Although your love for your pet may be endless, your love for the smells that come with them is pretty non-existent. So, if your house has been affected by stinky fur or other pet odor, there are a few ways to help prevent those smells […]

Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

With the season for giving upon us, it’s only natural that you’d want to share your Thanksgiving feast with your tail-wagging friend. Moderation may be off the table for you and your family during the holiday that’s dedicated to overeating, but it shouldn’t be for your dog. Offering your pet unhealthy fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis, and a turkey bone can potentially damage its digestive system. Fortunately, there are healthier food choices dog owners can […]

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