As a precaution, we offer private appointments for meeting puppies. Please call the store to set an appointment to meet your desired puppy in a sanitized room. Click here to see more about our practices and protocols in place in our stores for the health, welfare and safety of our employees, customers and puppies.

Homes For Life

We are passionate about the health and welfare of our dogs, so CPI (parent company to Puppies ‘N Love/Animal Kingdom pet stores) assumes a lifetime responsibility for each puppy we sell. Our Homes for Life program is the result of this commitment and to our dedication to preventing pet homelessness and promoting responsible pet ownership.

We understand that for unfortunate and unforeseen reasons sometimes customers who purchase our puppies can no longer keep and/or care for them. For this reason, new puppy owners (at the time of purchase) sign a form stating if, for any reason at any time, they cannot keep their dog, they agree to relinquish it back to CPI so we can re-home the dog. There is no charge to the customer regardless of the dog’s age and/or condition. This is our commitment to each and every puppy we sell and to every owner.

Mission Statement

Our puppies come first. We promote the highest standards in animal welfare by:

  • Committing ourselves 100 percent to the health, safety, and welfare of our puppies
  • Scrutinizing our breeders and only buying puppies from the best
  • Working closely with customers to match them with the dog and breed that best fits their lifestyle
  • Promoting responsible pet ownership through our Homes for Life pet rehoming program, education and community outreach


Some of our past dogs who have found their happy endings:

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Homes for Life Puppies

Golden Tulear-DOG-Male-Black-2582796

Golden Tulear Male Puppies N Love Homes for Life Program 602-255-0166 EXT 127 Breeder Name: Deborah and Dustan Wellman USDA: 42-A-1539

German Shepherd-DOG-Male-Black/Tan-3692714

German Shepherd Male Puppies N Love Homes for Life Program 602-255-0166 EXT 127 Breeder Name: Elaine and Chris Wilson USDA: 43-A-4205

If you would like to be on the list of customers informed when we have Homes for Life dogs please sign up here.

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