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The Bulldog is a small statured, medium-sized dog. They were originally bred to fight bulls for sport, beginning in England in the1200s and throughout Europe until the mid-1800s. Its distinctive undershot bite allowed it to hang on to the bull with amazing strength. Bulldogs can move swiftly and make sudden leaps, which accounts for their surprising agility and cleverness. Young bulldogs are full of energy, but they slow down as they age.

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Although the English Bulldog's appearance can be intimidating, it is one of the gentlest dog breeds. Their appearance makes them great watch dogs but their personalities make them huge lovers. Bulldogs who display guarding behaviors, such as guarding furniture, food, toys or other items in the house, or that are dog aggressive, do not have owners who are being the dog's pack leader. This behavior happens when dogs are given the freedom to take over and can be corrected when/if the owners start acting with proper leadership.

The English Bulldog is described as very affectionate, dependable, gentle with children, but known for its courage and bravery. This breed is good with family pets. Some English Bulldogs can be combative with strange dogs especially if their owners are not present to lead them. Bulldogs are very people oriented and will seek as much love and attention as they can get. In fact, these dogs require a lot of affection from their owners if they are to thrive and be happy.

This breed snores very loudly so buyer beware. This is a trait that these dogs are famous for and it is just a fact of life for them. Most drool and slobber too so they are messy eaters, but most owners find these qualities endearing in their bulldogs. Oh, they are also prone to flatulence, especially when fed food other than their regular dog food diet.

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