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Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound Puppies For Sale Animal Kingdom Arizona


This miniature, slender Greyhound stands at only 13-15 inches. They may be smaller, but the Italian Greyhound has just as much grace and elegance to their sleek, curved bodies that are common to coursing hounds. This lively puppy has a gait is high-stepping and free-spirited. The coat is short and glossy like satin. These lovely lap dogs combine the attentiveness of a companion pet with the complexity of aristocratic dogs throughout history. Discover more about our Italian Greyhound puppies for sale below!

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Bred for centuries, these dogs are meant for doting companionship and entertainment. Exactly how and when this breed was developed has been lost in time. However, evidence of dogs resembling the Italian Greyhound were found in art dating back around 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean area like Turkey and Greece.

By the Middle Ages, this beautiful breed could be found throughout southern Europe, but they were especially loved by the Italians. The breed came to England during the 17th century and then became a popular breed of nobility, as they were in Italy. In 1820, the Italian Greyhound was one of just two toy breeds mentioned in a book about all dogs. This small breed continued to gain popularity, peaking during the reign of Queen Victoria. Since then, the breed’s popularity declined after World War II.

Fortunately, the Italian Greyhounds had come to America in the late 1800’s, and even though their numbers were small, they were in excellent condition. These dogs, along with others brought over, helped revive the breed in the world. Since then the breed has experienced resurgence.


Overall, these puppies would much rather be in your lap or than on the floor. These small sight hounds share many of their larger relative’s characteristics. They love to run and chase, and they excel at this. These impressive athletes are also extremely gentle and sensitive. They are often reserved and timid with strangers but are extremely devoted to their families. They are good with children, other dogs, and pets. It will help a lot to socialize an Italian Greyhound puppy early on to ensure they won’t be so fearful when exposed to social environments. Take special care with these fragile puppies as they can be easily injured by boisterous children and large dogs.

Both restful and zestful, this dynamic dog will love to entertain and also relax. They enjoy their comfort, but also love a daily romping around outside, but they dislike the cold.


Exercise is best for these dogs in the form of a good walk on a leash or even a game of frolicking around indoors. They love to stretch out and sprint (in safe enclosed areas). These little hounds are track-stars. They embodies the same qualities that enable the full-sized Greyhound to run at top speed using the double-suspension gallop. If you don’t have a yard, expect this puppy to turn your living room into their personal track. They have a lot of energy and will love to play games of tug-o-war and “hunting” toys. When they aren’t chasing prey or stuffed animals, the Italian Greyhound loves to be right up next to their person or in a lap for snuggling and being pet. When there’s no person around, Italian Greyhounds tend to cuddle each other.

However, this doesn’t mean the Italian Greyhound will accept love from just anyone. They can be very shy and aloof, especially with anyone who tries too hard to be their friend. They prefer to make the first advances when meeting someone. Shyness can be common with this breed, so when looking for a puppy, go for ones with more outgoing personalities and be sure to socialize them so they don’t hide from strangers.


Short haired coats like that of the gorgeous Italian Greyhound are easy to maintain. They require regular bathing and grooming. How often you bath your Italian Greyhound puppy will depend on your puppy’s lifestyle. You can bathe them every week or up to every 6 weeks if they don’t get themselves dirty too often.

To keep your Italian Greyhound’s coat shiny and healthy, go over their entire body with a dryer and lightly card the coat to remove any excess dirt and dander and accelerate shedding. To keep the short, smooth coat in prime condition, it’s a good idea to use a hydrating spray following the bath and drying process. This gives the skin and coat an opportunity to lock in some hydration. For a finishing touch, use a grooming mitt to stimulate the release of natural oils and remove excess loose hair.  


Highly intelligent, the Italian Greyhound can be both a pleasure and challenge to train. Just as with a spouse, you want to persuade the IG into doing the particular thing you want as though it was his own idea. Work with their short attention span by keeping lessons fun and brief. Never try to use force with this sensitive breed as it can backfire.

The perfect Italian Greyhound doesn’t always come naturally. Start your puppy on the right paw by giving them training immediately. A young Italian Greyhound puppy will test you to see what they can get away with. These dogs will respond well with puppy training courses, just make sure they have the right vaccines, and be sure to socialize them.

Additional Information

Group: Toy Group
Average Weight: 7-14 lbs
Personality Traits: Alert, active, sensitive
Country of Origin: United States
Coat: Short and smooth; blue, grey, tan or apricot

Clubs, Registries & Associations

(Based on breed recognition. See store for details on particular puppy)

  • The American Canine Association
  • American Canine Registry
  • American Kennel Club
  • Italian Greyhound Club of America

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