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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale Animal Kingdom Arizona


The Rottweiler, sometimes called Rottie for short, has a muscular, powerful body. Its head is broad with a rounded forehead and well-developed muzzle. Their teeth meet in a scissor bite. The Rottweiler’s ears are triangular shaped, and the tail is usually docked. The Rottweiler’s coat is short, thick, and has black with rust colored markings on its cheeks, muzzle, paws, and legs. Discover more about our Rottweiler puppies for sale below!

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  • The Rottweiler is powerful, calm, courageous, and loyal. Due to its loyal and protective nature, Rottweilers have been known to defend its family fiercely in times of danger if needed.
  • The Rottwieler is also a docile, intelligent, and natural guard dog with a reliable temperament. Due to these traits, it has proven its worth as a police force, military, and customs working dog over the centuries and can be trained for competitive obedience. 
  • Due to the size and temperament of this breed, training and socialization should begin when it is still a puppy and will need an owner that is calm, confident, and displays leadership. As long as it has been socialized well, the Rottweiler will generally accept family friends, relatives of the family, dogs, cats, and other household pets.

Clubs, Registries & Associations

(Based on breed recognition. See store for details on a particular puppy.)

  • American Canine Association, Inc.
  • American Canine Registry
  • American Kennel Club
  • American Pet Registry, Inc.
  • Continental Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
  • National Kennel Club
  • United Kennel Club

Additional Information

Group: Mastiff
Average Weight: 85-130 lbs.
Personality Traits: Powerful, calm, loyal
Country of Origin: Germany
Coat: Short

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