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Caleb Yoder

Caleb currently has 12 adult German Shepherds and starting with Mini Aussies (for his children) with a plan of adopting six of them into his program. Caleb started breeding GSD’s back in 2012 because he has always had a major passion for the temperament and family disposition of the breed.

While these strong protectors will alert them of intruders, any welcomed stranger can romp around, play, and even lay on these dogs because he focuses on sound temperaments and loving personalities. Their five-year-old boy cannot be kept out of the play yard! Throughout the day, you can find him and the Shepherds freely running, playing ball, and socializing in the vast field in front of their kennels. He and his sister begin leash training with the puppies when they are old enough.

Many of the adults have been imported to obtain the good health and temperament traits that have begun to decline here in the US. He has every dog certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and commits himself to extremely high standards for the dogs. His belief is that his kennel and barn should be as immaculate as his home, and he takes a lot of pride in that.

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