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Ernest Graber

Ernest Graber and his family maintain a beautiful, clean kennel and such a fun environment! They focus on Italian Greyhounds and Maltese. Ernest grew up in a family kennel facility with his parents, Anna and Jeff Graber, with the core values of enrichment and socialization being emphasized to him his whole life. Naturally, he created his own building and program in 2016 with the intention of creating the most social and enriching environment possible for the dogs. He mainly focuses on Italian Greyhound (his favorite) and also has a few Maltese that he adores for their “spunky little attitudes.” Their dogs are extremely friendly and food-motivated so it is mandatory that all visitors are given treats to offer the puppies upon entering. The result is very social and happy dogs! They love romping up and down their play equipment and racing around their large playfield behind the building.

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