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Martin & Marsha Graber

Martin and Marsha Graber breed Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, and Min-Pins. They run a relatively large kennel, currently housing around 100 adult dogs. Martin was one of the first four facilities to obtain their Canine Care Certification, which requires every dog to individually be provided daily training and enrichment. For instance, they have worked to potty train every adult dog in order to ensure that they are prepared to go into forever homes once they retire. Finding a home for each and every adult dog is extremely important to Martin and his family. The whole family, including his children, are extremely active in the kennel. They work diligently every day to ensure the best possible quality of life for their beloved dogs.

One thing that strongly stands out about their facility is the unbelievable sociability of all of the adult dogs on premises. Each side of his facility’s indoor/outdoor run opens up into massive play yards in which every dog within that side of the kennel can run and play with one another. They are all extremely comfortable and friendly with other dogs and visitors, and the work training and socializing is reflected in the quality of the puppies that come from their facility.

Martin & Marsha
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