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Nathan Fleming

“Our dogs are raised in pens averging approximately 600 square feet. We have seven outdoor playpens used for agility, socialization, and exercise. Our adult and teenage dogs play together. We care for all our adult dogs by hand.”


Nathan Fleming is the youngest breeder to be Canine Care Certified. He has a fantastic kennel that he took over from his grandparents. He worked for them for three years and took over their operation completely in early 2020. He breeds Papillons, Dachshunds and Pugs. He currently has a litter of Dachshunds that are being studied by Purdue. They visit at four weeks and eight weeks to test the cortisone in the body to determine the levels of stress the puppies feel and how they adapt to their environment.

All his adult dogs are happy, healthy and are excited to approach strangers. They love to play on their equipment in the playground and engage with all visitors. Each kennel area is equipped with a gym-like house for stimulation. Their kennel is a great place for the dogs to get plenty of exercise and fun.

Nathan Fleming
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