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Tim & Mary Knepp

Tim and Mary have been around and passionate about the Pomeranian breed since 2001. They constructed their personal kennel in 2019, building it to be up to par with the Canine Care standards. Their beautiful indoor/outdoor runs lead out to 2 large grassy yards to which all the dogs have consistent time to interact and play with one another. They strive to provide the best enrichment environment possible.

Their children (ranging from the ages 6 to 13 years) are hugely instrumental in raising the puppies. Their 9-year-old daughter, Rosaline, will excitedly tell you every adult dog’s life story, how they got their name, and more. (For instance, ‘Butterball’ was given the name due to him being quite the butterball as a puppy.) The Knepp family try to hand-raise all of their adult dogs to ensure good temperament being passed off to their puppies.

When not directly inside the kennels, the family is still often outside with the dogs in their adjacent large garden, picking strawberries and tending to other farm duties.

Tim & Mary
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