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We decided to get our Shiba Inu “Akihiro” (Hiro for short), because my son needed a companion. We searched everywhere for the perfect pet at shelters and adoption centers with no luck. Finally, we arrived at Puppies N Love and looked at all the wonderful, cute puppies. We were greeted as soon as we walked in and offered service. I am glad there were labels affixed to their individual quarters to see their breed and also the sale status of the puppies. We looked towards the bottom and laid eyes on a black and tan ball of fluff that we immediately fell in love with. He was a curious, playful little boy as he ran around us jumping and running in the playroom where we were acquainted. We decided he was the one and went ahead with the paperwork. Our pet specialist, Tristan, made purchasing our pet a wonderful experience. He let us know any health issues that may arise with our new puppy along with the payment plans, warranty, and the company policies. This experience made us all happy and satisfied, especially my son, who was very happy to bring him home. Thank you Puppies N Love!

Brent, Liz, and my son Kenny

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