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Black Lab Bliss

I have been visiting Animal Kingdom for well over a decade. First because of the obvious appeal, puppies. But now for so much more. I purchased my black lab in October 2012. I fell in love with this creature the moment we met. I was hesitant to spend such a large amount of money on “a dog from the pet store” when I could have “just looked in the classifieds for a lab breeder” as many said. But I was able to immediately see his vet records, proof of vaccinations and vet visits, see his breeder’s information & where he came from. Lucky enough to see photos of his parents too! My favorite part of this is, I was able to contact his breeder before I made the decision to take him home and ask her about his temperament as a puppy, his parents’ temperament & so on. You could tell her whole life is dedicated to this job. And everyone able to experience my lab as a puppy knew he was raised by hand and with care! To this day I am still in contact with her. I send her pictures of my grown-up boy & she sends me pictures of his aging Dad. I’ve asked her to let me know when another puppy comes through from his bloodline and she has! I will eventually get a girl from his bloodline! I’m happy to have spent the money on a companion knowing he didn’t come from the average backyard breeder or a puppy mill. Four years later, I have the best Black Lab & nothing but good things to say about Animal Kingdom.

Brook M.

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