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dan d.

We started looking for a pet dog at the shelters but were worried about our young children with dogs that had unknown histories. We decided to look at Animal Kingdom but were apprehensive that maybe they were selling dogs from horrifying puppy mills. Instead we found that they were selling high quality dogs from AKC registered breeders that were very well cared for and seemed extremely happy. At the store Max began helping us and turned out to be the ultimate helper, being highly knowledgeable and experienced. He patiently helped us over many hours for 2 days examining multiple different breeds to help up find the perfect fit for our family with kids. He answered hundreds of our questions including about the breeders, health of the dogs, veterinary care, and laws. He also cared that the pups go to a suitable home. We finally settled on an English Mastiff puppy that is perfect for our kids, smart, beautiful, calm and gentle but massive! Thank you so much Max and all the rest of the great staff. We were impressed by the thoroughness and dedication of Animal Kingdom.

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