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Happy Dalmatian Momma

I was on the search for a Dalmatian. A lot of people online were trying to scam me as these dogs are NOT a common breed anymore. Continuing my search I found Penelope! I called Puppies ‘N Love in San Tan about 3 times asking question after question after question. I first spoke to Heidi. She was soooo sweet and even sent me photos!! She made my experience completely amazing! She has wonderful customer service! After my purchase she even texted me asking how everything was going. It really means a lot for someone to remember you the next day and go out of their way to make sure you’re happy rather than treating you as just another purchase. I also spoke to Taylor. She was very sweet and helpful even offered to send me more photos. I called her 5 mins before closing and she answered my questions and had great customer service. Then I met Carol for the purchase. She is great, gave me great customer service. She was smiling and extremely bubbly. She was completely patient with me and my husband for the entire purchase. Now I am one happy Dalmatian momma!

Alexis H.

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