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Lonesome No Longer

I am a very lonesome widow, decided back in the spring I wanted a dog. I knew I wanted something small, but not sure anything other than that. I was searching the internet and found Puppies ‘N Love. I called just to see what they were about. Heidi answered the phone and when I told her my story she was so excited, she knew exactly what I needed. She then introduced me to the little girl that would ultimately steel my heart so I decided to take her home. I was then informed she could not leave because she was too little. I felt so bad, but realized Heidi was making sure I got a healthy baby. What an amazing company that would not release just for the sale, but the health of the dog comes first. Heidi told me to feel free to stop in anytime and visit her. I would sit and play with my little girl, the people would give me treats to give her, we really bonded. Then came the day I was called and said I could take my little girl home. I arrived at the shop, and there was Heidi to greet me, so excited. They immediately took my little girl and gave her a bath, in the meantime, Heidi was very thorough with all her health records and other information. I am so grateful it took some time and many visits, Molly Martini came home with me and knew me right away, her first night home was very comfortable, she even slept thru the night. Day after I brought her home, I took her to my Vet, I was told she is perfect in every way, very healthy dog. Heidi made this adoption process so pleasant, if I know of anyone that wants to fill their life with love, I will send them to Heidi.

Molly Martini’s Forever Home

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