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Love At First Sight

I’ve been wandering into Puppies ‘N Love, San Tan, for the last few years for the sole purpose of getting my puppy fix by proxy. I had no genuine intention of getting a dog, but as fate would have it, Heidi remembered that I’d been asking about very tiny pups for quite a while. She ran to the back and presented me with a 2 lb ball of fluff and I was sooooo done! It was a few days before I could take Noel home as they monitored her weight and health so I spent countless hours at the store every night cuddling and playing with her. Having had the opportunity to observe them during all of that time, I can’t say enough good things about Heidi, Char and the rest of their amazing staff. The friendly, caring, familial way they interacted with me, my new fur baby and their customers at large and the obvious love they have for the precious creatures in their charge is heartwarming! Many thanks to all of you for blessing me with my new best friend! She is happy, healthy, extremely clever and an absolute joy!! I guess you can buy love after all!

Kate N.

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