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September 25, 2018

How to Find Indestructible Dog Toys




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How to Find Indestructible Dog Toys

Make sure your pup is playing with the proper toys

Finding durable or almost indestructible toys for your dog can be a big problem, especially if your furry friend is an aggressive chewer. Some dogs can completely rip apart toys in mere hours or days.

You’re likely struggling with a similar situation. Read on for tips on how to find indestructible dog toys to keep your puppy/dog happy and healthy.

The main trick is to look for very durable materials like nylon or a stiff rubber. Plush material is out of the question when it comes to aggressive chewers. The reason is that these toys are quickly and easily destroyed.

Also, be very careful about what types of dog toys you choose and always put safety first.

In this blog, we help you find indestructible toys for your dog(s) and teach you what you should know about them.

Look for Durable Materials

Indestructible dog toys are usually made of very hard materials, such as rubber or nylon. To some degree, all toys can beLook for Durable Materials destroyed, especially by a large dog with a strong bite.

However, some of the toughest toys on the market, made of hard rubber, are tough contenders for hard chewers.

Some toys are specially-made and specifically designed for dogs who love to chew and they do last a lot longer.

Another strong material for nearly indestructible dog toys is reinforced nylon. Usually, dog toys are made from a combination of rubber and nylon, for extra durability.

Toys made of nylon alone are a bit more difficult to find. Still, you should always check the label to make sure the toy you are buying is as durable as possible.

This will save yourself the time and money of having to constantly replace your pooch’s play toys. You might also want to check out this list of the 10 best chew toys for aggressive chewers.

Rope Toys are a Good Alternative

Rope toys are durable and most dogs who like to play and chew really dig them! The best part about them?

They are almost indestructible thanks to the combination of nylon and synthetic fibers. Choose ropes with more threads for maximum durability and shelf life.

Another benefit of these toys is that they are super easy to clean. They clean your dog’s teeth too while you are playing together. Bonus!

Dog Toys You Should Avoid

There are certain types of toys out there that you should avoid. Here are some of the most common dog toys that you should never buy for your furry friend:

  • Stuffed toys: Poly-Fil or any other kind of stuffing should not get anywhere close to your dog. The danger comes from the possibility that your dog will chew and rip the toy and eat the stuffing. There’s also a choking hazard involved which can lead to serious problems or even death. The Poly-Fil fiberfill is dangerous. While some animals don’t have trouble with it, this material can affect the digestion in others. It can lead to blockages that can result in death if emergency surgery is not performed.
  • Toys that can break into shards: There are certain types of toys that can break into shards. Most of them are designed for aggressive chewers. If your dog swallows those shards there is a high risk of stomach perforation. Surgery can fix this, but if the damage is too severe, nothing can be done. It can also be terribly dangerous to your dog(s) depending on what he/she swallows.Dogs have swallowed some puzzling things. Some include needles, razor blades, rocks, socks, you name it. Experienced vets have probably seen it all. Keep your pooch away from danger by giving him/her the correct and smart toys.
  • Squeaky toys: Squeaky toys are fun and dogs like to play with them, but they are not the most highly recommended. Your dog will likely chew on the toy and try to get the squeaker out. The squeaker is a tiny piece that can be easily swallowed and poses an enormous choking hazard. However, if you truly want your dog to have such a toy, allow the pup to play with it under your supervision. When they are done, put the toy somewhere safe where they cannot reach it.
  • Toys with bells: There are certain types of toys that come with bells on the inside. When the dog plays with such a toy, the bells make noise. However, these toys can be dangerous if you have an aggressive chewer. The danger is the same as that with squeaky toys: the dog will try to get the bells out and can choke on them.
  • Toys with Phthalate: This is a very dangerous chemical that most vinyl toys contain. Phthalate can be deadly for dogs as it can cause damage to the liver, kidneys and other vital organs. Avoid buying vinyl toys for your pet. Carefully check every label on every toy that you plan on buying, even if it’s not made from vinyl.
  • Shoe-like toys: As we have previously mentioned, buying your dog toys that look like household objects is a big no-no. Still, probably one of the most popular dog toys on the market is the shoe-toy. Such toys will encourage your pup to chew on your real shoes. So, your dog will get confused if you let him/her chew on a shoe-like toy but punish him for chewing on the real thing.

Avoid buying toys that look like household objects
As indestructible as they may seem, avoid buying your dog toys that look like objects he/she can find around the house.

For example, if you buy your dog a shoe toy, he/she will think that all the shoes in the house are chewing toys. This encourages bad behavior and it is a good way to lose your shoes.

The same goes if you have a child.  Never buy your dog toys that look like your child’s toys

Let your dog pick his/her own toys

Yep, I just said it and I mean it. Most pet stores today allow your furry friend(s) to “shop” with you.

It is a good idea (and it usually works) to take your dog with you when you shop for his/her toys. Pay close attention to your pup’s preferences and buy what your dog seems drawn to.

Offer your dog several options when it comes to indestructible dog toys and see how he/she acts. Dogs tend to gravitate toward their favorite toys, even in the store.

Moreover, you can ask the staff what indestructible dog toys they recommend for your dog’s specific breed.

To find out more about what your dog might like or dislike, read this interesting article on some unbelievable facts that you probably didn’t know about your dog

Note: Traveling with Fido
Be careful as to the time of day/year you allow your pet to travel with you in your car. Take special care in the summer.

It happens every year, someone takes their pet in a car and makes an extra stop. They forget the pet is in the car. Pets who are overheating will lay down in the back of your car to try and get cool.

Out of sight tragically means out of mind and dogs suffer heatstroke and/or death. It takes less than a few minutes for your car to kill your dog (or any pet for that matter) in the heat.

Rule of thumb: if it’s over 80-degrees outside leave your pets at home. Read more here.

Read Toy Labels

Always carefully read the labels on the toys you are buying your dog to see what they are made of and if they are safe. The Humane Society has a resource to help you pick safe toys. After all, your dog is going to chew the toys, so it may ingest whatever ingredients they contain.

You should always look for non-toxic toys and when it comes to indestructible dog toys, look for nylon or hard rubber.

Avoid toys that contain latex. Also, there are certain soft toys that are marketed as durable. Don’t fall for it.

Soft toys are never durable because they are made of soft materials. Avoid toys that contain toxic heavy metals and those treated with stain guards or fire retardants. They are usually toxic for your dog.

How to Properly Clean Your Dog’s Toys

Ask every dog owner and they will tell you that watching their pups play with their favorite toys is one of the biggest joys of having a furry friend.   However, while most dog toys won’t last too long, the almost indestructible ones will fare much better and last a lot longer. But with durability comes the need to clean them properly so your dog doesn’t become sick.  There are a few tricks that you should know if you are not sure about how to clean your dog’s toys properly:

  • Use the dishwasher: This is your best friend when it comes to cleaning your dog’s toys.  If they’re made of rubber or nylon, you can safely put them in your dishwasher. Just put them on the top rack to get cleaned and sanitized.  Moreover, you can do the same thing with their bowls. Don’t use any detergent as the hot water will do everything. Still, check the labels of the toys before throwing them in the dishwasher to make sure they won’t get ruined.
  • Washing machine and dryer: You can easily clean your dog’s stuffed toys, balls, and clothes in the washing machine.  The best idea would be to use a sensitive detergent and rinse them with vinegar. It is worth noting that your dog’s tennis balls will become fluffier if you try this trick.  They become even more appealing to your dog. You can also put the toys in the dryer after placing them inside an old pillowcase with no plastic pieces.  If you are uncertain about this part, just let them air dry in the sun.
  • Go for easy to clean toys: Avoid heavily textured toys.  They are almost impossible to clean properly, and your dog will be stuck with a dirty toy. Instead, choose rubber toys or ones labeled ‘easy to clean.’  Also, choose dog toys that you can open and clean the inside so dirt, germs, and any residues are removed.
  • Scented toys are an option: We are not talking about any strong smells because those will bother your dog.  However, there are certain toys that have a slight and refreshing mint smell. These toys can help fix nasty dog breath. You might not need to clean your puppy’s teeth quite as often as you would with other toys.

Examples of Indestructible Dog Toys

Many pet stores offer a variety of durable dog toys. There are plenty of brands you can choose from. Here’s a brief list of some brands that provide great toys:

  • Nylabon: designs tough chew toys in bone and stick shapes
  • Konggreat rubber toys that you can stuff with treats
  • WestPawcreators of the Hurley Dog Bone, durable and absorbs slobber
  • FrisbeesWe like the Kong Extreme Flyer Toy


Finding completely indestructible dog toys is a difficult task, but not impossible. Read toy labels and follow the tips above.

This will help you buy your furry friend a durable and fun toy. Still, always pay attention to your dog’s behavior and keep in mind safety comes first!

Also, play interactively as frequently as possible with your dog(s). Your dog needs to develop social skills and it is going to learn those from you.

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