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Klee Kai

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The Klee Kai, also known as an Alaskan Klee Kai or Miniature Alaskan Husky, is basically a smaller version of the Alaskan Husky. This dog does physically resemble the Siberian Husky. Discover more about our Klee Kai puppies for sale below!

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Breed Origins

The Klee Kai is a companion-sized dog was originally bred in Alaska in the early ’70s by the Spurlin family. They carefully selected dogs such as the American Eskimo dog and Schipperke that met high standards of appearance and temperament.

This resulted in a whole new adaptable breed that looked like the Siberian Husky but was not a dwarf. Spurlin originally called the breed simply “Klee Kai,” which means “little dog” in the Inuit language.

The Klee Kai can come in three sizes: toy (up to 13 inches), miniature (up to 15 inches), and standard (up to 17 inches). Like the Siberian Husky, their coat can come in a variety of white combining with red, black, or gray.


Klee Kais shed, bark, and have a high energy level. They are naturally curious, extremely agile, and are an intelligent breed. They can be reserved around strangers and noisy at times, but they are sociable and can make a good companion dog provided they get the right home and training.

Training a Klee Kai can be a joy, especially when it is reward focused. These brilliant little dogs are eager to learn and accomplish and will do well with agility and obedience training.

Living with a Klee Kai can be very entertaining but also takes adjusting as they are also highly independent. Klee Kais can be quite vocal, sometimes “screaming” when they are both happy or upset.

They can be very affectionate and want to cuddle in many cases, but don’t be surprised by this breed wanting their own space as well. The Klee Kai is an ideal candidate for someone who wants a small, active dog that does not require a large yard.

Care and Grooming

The Klee Kai is a naturally clean dog because it frequently grooms itself and therefore only needs a minimum amount of grooming.

Because this breed’s coat keeps their body temperature low and cool, they do not need trimming. But as with other breeds brushing teeth and trimming nails are still necessary.

Klee Kais blow their coats twice a year, so be prepared for extra shedding.

If you’re looking for a breed that doesn’t shed a lot read this post.


Being an intelligent, high energy, curious and agile breed, exercise is important for a Klee Kai and therefore it is good to take them on long walks regularly as well as be provided with room and time to play.

They need a lot of interaction with their owners and stimulation in order to thrive. They are hardy dogs but they should not be left alone outside. Keep your Klee Kai stimulated and active to avoid them becoming high strung or anxious.


The Klee Kai is a high energy and naturally curious breed. It also has a strong prey drive and needs to be trained as a puppy in order to avoid developing the habit of preying upon smaller pets such as birds, cats, rabbits, etc.

As with other breeds, begin socialization when the dog is young to avoid unwanted behaviors later in life. Klee Kais are very trainable and intelligent. They will do very well with positive reinforcement and mental stimulation.

Clubs, Registries, & Associations

(Based on breed recognition. See store for details on a particular puppy.)

  • American Canine Association Inc.
  • American Canine Registry
  • National Kennel Club
  • American Rare Breed Association
  • American Pet Registry, Inc.
  • Continental Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • United Kennel Club

Additional Information

Breed: Nordic
Average Weight: 9-22 lbs.
Personality Traits: Intelligent, curious, active
Country of Origin: United States
Coat: Medium

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