Great Dane Puppies

Vital Statistics

Breed Group
Working Dog

Average Weight
100-120  lbs.

Personality Traits
Sweet, playful, gentle

Country of Origin


Clubs, Registries & Associations

(Based on breed recognition. See store for details on this particular puppy.)

  • American Canine Association
  • Continental Kennel Club
  • Universal Kennel Club International
  • American Kennel Club
  • United All Breed Registry
  • America's Pet Registry, Inc.
  • United Kennel Club


The Great Dane is a great dog breed, also known as a gentle giant or the "Apollo of Dogs." Obviously it's a very large breed and noble too. The Great Dane requires consistent and committed leadership because of its size and needs to be taught good manners while still a puppy so he or she learns how to safely interact with people. For example, a Great Dane can easily knock over an unsuspecting person with one mere jump. That said, the Great Dane is actually a sweet, affectionate and truly gentle breed. It has an athletic, muscular body with a giant head, a long, graceful neck and a long and narrow body. 


  • They are gentle and docile yet make great watch dogs because they are so loyal to their family.
  • Though they look imposing, Great Danes are one of the best-natured dogs around and they do very well with small children and are known for how affectionate they are toward kids. They also do well with other pets.
  • They are high energy and must be exercised.