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Cutest Puppy In History

My husband and I have a Beagle (Miley), a Dachshund (Stitch), and a Beagle/Dachshund (Lucy), and were looking for another dog of a breed with which we were familiar. We drove all over town and spent about eight hours in the car before we found our new baby, Wendy. We tried a pet fair, but they didn’t have any small breeds. We went to three different shelters and mostly found older dogs. We love dogs of all ages, of course, but we really had our hearts set on a puppy so that she would grow up around us and be comfortable in our home with our other dogs. We spoke with a few people who had posted ads on Craigslist who had already sold their puppies, and we went to one house to meet Chiweenie puppies who had ticks. After driving from Glendale to downtown Phoenix we decided to drive up to the Puppies ‘n Love at Arrowhead to see if they had a Beagle or Dachshund. They did not, but the staff there was extremely helpful and searched in the database for puppies in other stores. We decided to buy from Puppies ‘n Love because we knew that we would be getting a healthy dog from a company that would continue to take care of her (and us) in the future. We very much appreciate the additional services that Puppies ‘n Love provides, as well as the responsible and caring staff. We drove all the way to the San Tan store and there she was, the CUTEST puppy in the history of the world. We just fell in love with her. She is the tiniest Dachshund we have ever seen – about the size of my foot – with eyes that just broke our hearts. The lovely woman who sold Wendy to us was very knowledgeable and helped us fill out our finance application. I could tell she was almost as happy as we were that this sweet puppy was going to a new home. Since getting Wendy home, we couldn’t be happier. Our oldest dog, Stitch, is teaching her the rules of the house including 1. Don’t bite Stitch and 2. If you bite Stitch, she will sit on you. Miley and Lucy, both outweighing her by at least 20 lbs, were afraid of her for the first few days and are starting to warm up to her. They will chase her across the yard or the living room, but when she turns around to chase them back they jump on the furniture to get away from her. It’s adorable. We know that by next week, they’ll all be the best of friends.


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