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We had planned to get a puppy at some point, and had looked at several. One date night, we decided to walk off dinner at the mall and went to look at the puppies. There was one Pomeranian puppy that seemed to be watching me walk by and as I proceeded away from her she laid her head down. My fiance continued watching her as I proceeded to look at other puppies. He was humored by the fact that whenever I got in her eye sight, she would light up. He told me that she was watching me and so we decided to meet with her. It was love at first sight! She had been on hold by another couple and the Pet Specialist informed us that she just laid there when they tried to play with her and she was shocked that she was licking me and playing with me. I knew that we could not go home without her. We took her home that night and she and I have been pretty inseparable since. Kristi was absolutely amazing. She answered all our questions, shared with us her experiences, and helped us pick out everything we needed for our new fur baby. A few months after getting her home I was diagnosed with Cancer and she has been by my side the entire time. She is my everything, and I wouldn’t have gotten through such a trying time in my life without her.


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