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I was recently divorced after 25 years. I was very sad and couldn’t believe my life had taken such a turn. When I was 17 I was living on my own and bought a Cockapoo from a pet store. His name was “Toby” and although I only had him for a year (due to terrible neighbors) he really brought me much happiness. A few months after my divorce, I really wanted a little dog I could sleep with and take anywhere. Thinking of Toby, I knew I wanted another Cockapoo. One weekend I walked into Puppies n Love looking specifically for a female Cockapoo. I looked on line for them and saw that they had a male puppy at the store in Gilbert, AZ in San Tan. He was a boy but thought I’d check him out any way. Walking through the store I saw him, and he had been discounted quite a bit because he’d been there a while. I took one look and thought, “No way, that dog is an ugly, scrawny thing.” The customer service rep called around and found a couple other pups at different stores so I left to go check them out. To be honest, I can’t recall why I ended up not buying one and decided I’d go back and look at the one at San Tan again. Well, he was as ugly as he was the first time I saw him but thought I’d check him out in one of those little meet and greet rooms and oh my god! He was the sweetest little guy; his little bobbed tail just went 90 miles an hour. He just made me smile and laugh! I know people frown on buying dogs from pet stores, and I’ve had many dogs in my life, but have only purchased two Cockapoos at pet stores and they are wonderful dogs. “Snickers”, as I called him, is the love of my life! We look forward to seeing each other every day when I come home for work. He’s a fantastic hiking dog and we have done some long, hard hikes. I love him dearly, and everyone that sees him falls in love; everyone wants him. He is no longer ugly, but the cutest looking, sweetest little guy anyone could have. Thanks for being there when I needed you Puppies n Love. You and this little guy saved my life. We’ve been together going on 5 years and this was the best decision I’ve ever made!


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