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I tried going through a breeder at first, but no luck sadly. My husband was about to be deployed, and he wanted to get me a puppy before he left. As we were shopping at the mall PV mall we stumbled across a Corgi; exactly the breed I wanted. We brought him home. Two years later, my husband came back from deployment and decided we needed to add another Corgi to our family. Instead of going through a breeder, we went straight to PV mall again and brought home another baby Corgi. The main reason the baby Corgi caught my attention so much was because she looked identical to my other Corgi. I came to find out they are from the same parents; same mother and father. I got Benji 2 years ago and Clementine a month ago. The first puppy I brought from you guys Karla helped me, and she was wonderful. She still keeps in contact with me from time to time. As for my second puppy, I called ahead before driving out to PV mall since I live all the way in Tucson. I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he mentioned he was the manager at Tucson before he started working at PV mall. He was also wonderful on the phone and in the store. The main thing I liked about him was that he also he sent me pictures of the Corgi which was a huge plus for me. Both Karla and the other guy were extremely knowledgeable. Karla used to own a Corgi too, therefore she had tons of tips for me.


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