As a precaution, we offer private appointments for meeting puppies. Please call the store to set an appointment to meet your desired puppy in a sanitized room. Click here to see more about our practices and protocols in place in our stores for the health, welfare and safety of our employees, customers and puppies.


I purchased my first puppy, after not having a dog in 23 years, from Puppies n Love at Arrowhead. I purchased a Miniature Australian Shepherd (Male). I wasn’t interested at first as I wanted a dog weighing less than 50 lbs. It was shared with me at the time that the miniature Australian Shepherd male would be less than 40 lbs. I was delighted as I truly wanted an Australian Shepherd, but not a 50 lb. dog. I had a wonderful shopping experience and have visited the store several times since my purchase in October of 2010, along with Rascal, the puppy purchased at the time. I felt that the individual selling me the puppy was well informed about the breed. I named my puppy “Rascal” because he has received his “Canine Good Citizenship” (CGC) certificate, as well as his Therapy Dog certification. We both volunteer on a regular schedule at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Goodyear, AZ. We belong to “Therapy Paws”. Therapy is there website. You can visit it and see pictures of Rascal and myself. He brings such delight to the patients and employees during his visits. When he is not working he brings me so much joy and love into my life. He is now 4 years old. He also won “Cutest Pet” from Petz Place in 2013 during an Easter Contest. I can’t say enough about the purchase I made and have had nothing but joy in my life since the purchase.


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