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The Aussiedoodle is a medium size, extremely fluffy and super cute breed of designer dog you get from crossing an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. Like most designer dogs created from a crossing of two purebreds, the Aussiedoodle’s physical characteristics can sometimes vary. But overall, they are a medium size dog with a slim yet strong body. Their coats vary in color and their fur is curly and soft to the touch. Discover more about our Aussiedoodle puppies for sale below!

Owing to the Poodle influence, the Aussiedoodle may have a wide variety of coats and the length is generally moderate, they can be slightly wavy to very wavy or wool like the Poodle. No matter the amount of curl they most always have a VERY soft coat. They compare to other doodles like the Goldendoodle in coat texture.

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Crossing the two breeds gives you a dog that has the flashy Australian Shepherd color combinations and amazing eyes. Australian Shepherds are perceptive and bright as well as easy to train mixed with the high intelligence and humor of the Poodle. Couple that with the Poodle’s excellent conformation and non-shedding coats and you get this amazing dog called the Aussiedoodle. Plus, they are super cute!


A hybrid dog’s temperament can often differ greatly based on the specific genetic contribution of each parent. The Aussiedoodle is generally an extremely intelligent, highly trainable, playful, and loving breed. They are also eager to please and love having a job, such as playing catch or competing in agility. They are an excellent choice for intermediate dog owners who can keep up with their energy levels. The Aussiedoodle excels in agility. They are a well-rounded breed that loves to play but can be content to lay at your feet as long as they also get adequate exercise. An hourly walk or jog will do, as these dogs love following their human companions wherever they go. An Aussiedoodle that is well cared for will often enjoy a lifespan of 13 -15 years.


The Aussiedoodle is low to non-shedding and therefore may not be for a severe allergy sufferer; however, a person with mild to moderate allergies should not have any problem with an Aussiedoodle. The hair gene from the Poodle is a dominant gene over the double coat fur gene from the Aussie. Unlike the Poodle which needs to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks, the Aussiedoodle usually can go almost twice as long between haircuts. In fact, a first generation Aussiedoodle has a greater chance of being a non-shedding dog than any future generation. The goal of crossing the Australian Shepherd and the Standard Poodle was to produce Aussiedoodle puppies that hold desired traits from both the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd and for their non-shedding results.


The Aussiedoodle is amazingly smart, willing to work for you and super easy to train. Sometimes they only need to be shown once or twice what is expected of them, because they live to please you! They love kids and are an awesome choice as an all-around patient family dog. They are great companions for camping, fishing, hiking or just hanging out around the house and lounging on the couch. The traits they inherit come from both their Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents and require constant human interaction and affection to maintain a happy and balanced life. However, as with all dogs, it is important their owners provide them with rules, boundaries, and limitations as well as consistent leadership to ensure a well-behaved and balanced dog. Aussiedoodles are extremely loving towards children and make excellent family pets. They should, however, be supervised around very young children as they can accidentally hurt them due to their high energy. Aussiedoodles sometimes retain the herding instincts of the Australian Shepherd and these instincts should be kept in check and corrected from a very early age. Early training and socialization are extremely important.


The Aussiedoodle is a relatively new designer dog breed that is in high demand. Both the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle are remarkably smart dogs with sweet and playful natures, which makes them fantastic companions. Some Doodle mixes, such as the Bernedoodle or the Labradoodle, have a well-documented origin story, but the Aussiedoodle does not. Our best guess is that the Aussiedoodle shares his history with other designer dogs – meaning, they were first born sometime in the last 20 years, somewhere in the United States.

Additional Information

Group: Hybrid
Average Weight: 25-70 lbs.
Personality Traits: Playful, energetic, loving
Country of Origin: United States
Coat: Curly

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