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Pomtese Puppies For Sale Animal Kingdom Arizona


The Pomtese, also called a Maltipom, is a cross between the Pomeranian and Maltese breeds and like its parents can come in a variety of colors. Discover more about our Pomtese puppies for sale below!

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The best way to determine a hybrid breed’s temperament is to research the cross and know you can get any combination of characteristics found in either breed. The Pomtese is active indoors and with enough exercise will do fine in an apartment.


Pomeranians have an independent side and are self-confident, so training from a young age is important so the puppy doesn’t become demanding or develop small dog syndrome, where owners over-spoil them and they grow to think they are the pack leader. The Pomeranian is intelligent and eager to please but has a short attention span so use positive techniques while training and keep sessions short and interesting — they enjoy learning and performing new tricks, and this is good for their mental stimulation. It is also an active breed so exercise and mental stimulation is needed in order to keep it from getting bored, which can lead to destructive behavior.


The Maltese is playful, loving, loyal, and intelligent. These traits make it good at learning tricks, bold, and quick to sound the alarm in case of suspicious activity. Begin training and socializing at a young age to avoid behavior issues in the future. If the dog believes it is boss, it can become snappish with children and adults.

Additional Information

Group: Hybrid
Average Weight: 3-7 lbs.
Personality Traits: Intelligent, active, loyal
Country of Origin: United States
Coat: Long

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