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Description The Schipperke (pronounced SKIP-per-key), also called a Spits or Spitske, is a small, curious, and alert breed. Sometimes described as foxlike, its body is square in profile with a head that looks slightly rounded, narrowing towards the muzzle. Its ears are upright, high-set, and triangular. It has a medium length coat that is commonly a solid black but can also come in tan or fawn. Schipperkes love their family but are a confident and […]


Description The Labradoodle, sometimes called an American Labradoodle, Labradorpoo, Labrapoo, Labrapoodle, or Standard Labradoodle, is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle breeds. They are intelligent and friendly. The physical characteristics of this hybrid will vary depending on the genes inherited from its parents. They can have different coat types including: wiry, wooly, wavy, curly, or fleece with colors ranging from red, black, cream, chocolate, gold, and brindle. Although there is no completely […]

Giant Schnauzer

Description The Giant Schnauzer, sometimes called a Riesenschnauzer is the largest of the Schnauzer sizes and is a sturdily built dog with a loving and intelligent disposition. The Schnauzer has a double coat, comprised of a wiry outer coat and a soft undercoat. Their coat can be a variety of colors to include black, white, salt and pepper, and black and silver. Discover more about our Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale below. The Schnauzer had […]

Coton De Tulear

Description The Coton de Tulear, or simply Coton for short, is a small, fluffy companion breed. The word “Coton” is the French word for cotton, and like the name suggests, the Coton’s coat is cotton-like or fluffy rather than silky like other breeds. It has a long topcoat with fluffy hair. Their coat comes in various colors such as white, white with lemon, white with shades of brown, white with black, and white with gray […]

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Description The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a muscular breed similar in appearance to the Golden and Labrador Retriever breeds. Since it is a water retrieval breed, their feet have webbed toes to aid with swimming. They also have an oily, short, and dense coat with a wave. The oils in the coat help repel water like a duck’s feathers and enable quick drying; enabling the dog to swim in colder waters. Its coat come in […]


Description The Bullmastiff is a large and very powerfully built breed. It has a muscular build and broad head with wrinkled muzzle, dark eyes, black nose, thick tail, and V-shaped ears that are set high and wide close to the cheeks, giving the head a square-like appearance. The coat is short, dense, and slightly rough and comes in a variety of colors including brindle, fawn, or red, and often with black markings on the head. […]

Shetland Sheepdog

Description Originally bred as herding dogs, the Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a “Sheltie” are the famously quick and bright miniature cousin to the rough coat Collie. These little “Lassie dogs” originated in the rocky Shetland Islands of Ireland, where they were effective, loyal herding dogs. Since the islands were so isolated, Shelties lived in virtual isolation from other breeds and were nearly unknown elsewhere until the 1900’s, first being recognized by the English Kennel […]

Labrador Retriever

Description Labrador Retriever puppies have long been regarded as the most suitable pet throughout the world and is the most popular breed in the U.S. This breed is great for hunting and often works with gun sportsmen, rightfully earning the title “gun dog”. It is a remarkable working companion often used in physical assistance and personal protection. Highly intelligent, good-natured, very willing and eager to please, they are among the top choices for service dog […]

Border Collie

Description The Border Collie, sometimes called a Scottish Sheepdog, is an intelligent, mid-size energetic working dog. Its body is slightly longer than it is tall with a relatively flat skull shape and medium sized ears. The Border Collie has a double coat that is weather resistant, dense, and close-fitting. There are two coat varieties: a sleek coat and a coarse coat. Their coat comes in a variety of colors including black, sable, black and white, […]


Description The Pug is a small, stocky, square and thick set dog. They are keen, with a happy-go lucky attitude. These sturdy little puppies were bred for companionship so they are loyal, loving and affectionate with their family. Strong-minded and confident, Pugs can be willful if they sense that they are stronger-minded than the people around them. They need an owner who is calm yet firm and confident. Consistent training will ensure this smart breed […]

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