Australian Cattle Dog

Vital Statistics

Breed Group

Average Weight
30-62 lbs.

Personality Traits
Loyal, brave,

Country of Origin


Clubs, Registries & Associations

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  • ACA = American Canine Association Inc.
  • ACR = American Canine Registry
  • AKC = American Kennel Club
  • ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
  • APRI = America's Pet Registry, Inc.
  • ARF - Animal Research Foundation
  • CKC = Canadian Kennel Club
  • CKC = Continental Kennel Club
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • FCI = Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
  • NAPR = North American Purebred Registry, Inc.
  • NKC = National Kennel Club
  • NZKC = New Zealand Kennel Club
  • UKC = United Kennel Club


The Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Australian Heeler, Hall's Heeler, Queensland Heeler and Blue Heeler is a compact working dog known for being courageous, tireless and robust. The dog is agile, well-muscled, powerful and determined while working. Their bodies are a little longer than they are tall and their ears are wide-set and pricked when alert. The Australian Cattle Dog has a smooth double coat with a short dense undercoat. Coat colors include red speckled, blue, blue-mottled or blue speckled with or without other markings. The dogs with the red speckled coloring are called Red Heelers and the dogs with the blue coloring are called Blue Heelers. Australian Cattle Dog puppies are born white because of a gene they inherited from the early Dalmatian crosses. You can sometimes tell the adult color by looking at the paw pads.

These dogs have incredible stamina and enjoy all the activity you can give them. Exercise is of the utmost importance for without enough of it they can become bored and destructive. Exercise cannot simply be tossing a ball around either. That won't do for the Australian Cattle Dog. While they will enjoy ball play, their brains need to be stimulated daily. They need to be taken on long daily walks  and they make awesome jogging companions. Do not allow these dogs to walk ahead of you on the walks, they need to be beside or behind you to re-enforce that you, the human, are the alpha.


The Australian Cattle Dog is loyal, brave and a hardworking hearing breed. The dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds: they're not couch potatoes and far, far from a lazy breed. The dogs need much more exercise than other breeds and something to occupy their minds daily or they become bored, leading to serious behavior problems. The breed needs action in its life and the dogs do best when they are given jobs to do and/or tasks to perform. This is not the breed for an owner with a sedentary lifestyle. Australian Cattle Dogs are super alert and excel at obedience, agility and herding. They can be obedience trained to a very high level. Firm training starting when the dog is a puppy and a lot of daily leadership, along with daily mental and physical exercise will produce a wonderful and happy pet. The dogs are protective and make excellent guard dogs. They are absolutely loyal and obedient to their master(s), though sometimes suspicious of people and dogs they don't know. Owners of this breed of dog must establish that they are the alpha in the pack because the dogs can be very dog aggressive if allowed to be pack leader because their dominance level is so high. Teach your Australian Cattle Dog that you are alpha and you will not tolerate him fighting with other dogs. Well balanced Cattle dogs are good and trustworthy with children, though they nip at people's heels in an attempt to herd them; an owner needs to tell the dog this is not acceptable. Herding dogs are very energetic and do not do well if not exercised, mind and body, to a very high degree. Australian Cattle Dogs are very easy to train though, but problems can and WILL arise with meek owners and/or owners who do not provide the proper amount and type of exercise. This breed does best with a job to do. If you do not have time to extensively work with and exercise your dog, or do not fully understand canine instincts and their need to have leadership, this is not the breed for you.

Living Conditions

The Australian Cattle Dog is not recommended for apartment life, owners who are not physically active themselves and they should be in homes with large backyards. They also do best when given tasks to perform and jobs to do. Not a sedentary dog and not for a sedentary owner.


  • Loyal, brave and extremely hardworking.
  • The Australian Cattle Dog is courageous and makes a good watchdog.
  • The shorthaired, weather-resistant coat needs little care and is very easy to groom. Just comb and brush with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary.
  • This breed tends to shed its coat once or twice per year depending on sex and region.